© FEu d'artifice du 13 juillet sur Douarnenez au Port Rhu face à l'île Tristan | Ot Pays de Douarnenez - Fabrice LE BELLEC

La vie en reuz is all a‑buzz

‘There’s going to be some noise!’

The Breton word ‘Reuz’ means noise, in the sense of an atmosphere, when the place is all a-buzz. During the festival of La Vie en Reuz, the town centre is taken over by street arts, shows and concerts. It’s a party atmosphere, relaxed and one that invites you to shake your hips and let go.

Grab your diary!

Every other year since 2012, the festival La Vie en Reuz has attracted 15 or more fanfares and street-art companies, as well as theatre troupes. For three days, the streets are filled with art, noise, music and more, spilling into the parks, the ports, retirement homes and town squares so that everyone can get involved and enjoy it, reaching more and more people every time. Fanfares, fest-noz parties, concerts, activities for children, and laid-back humour guaranteed! There’s something for everyone all day and late into the night!

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