local speciality Kouign amann - Plomarc'hlocal speciality Kouign amann - Plomarc'h
©local speciality Kouign amann - Plomarc'h|Yannick Derennes
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Do you prefer seafood, meat or vegetarian dishes? Here, you can have it all!
In Douarnenez, you’ll have the opportunity to try seafood as well as fresh local produce and the specialities of Brittany!

From the sea to the table

Clearly, you mustn’t miss out on the chance to try sardines fresh off the boat, grilled and served in a Douarnenez restaurant. To take the pleasure even further, opt for a seafood platter, bursting with fresh fish and shellfish, or maybe you prefer the refined option of a beautiful lobster or spiny lobster – the choice is yours!


For dessert

The incomparable Kouign-amann is a sweet delight made using a bread dough with added butter and sugar, caramelised so that it melts in the mouth and will send your tastebuds heavenwards. Our local bakers and pastry chefs have a reputation that reaches far and wide thanks to Kouign-amann, and the dish was invented right here so you simply can’t leave Douarnenez without trying it and you should take some with you when you leave, a little piece of our local gastronomic history that you can share with your nearest and dearest (if you manage not to eat t beforehand!).

Other local specialities – such as the shortbread-style gâteau breton, palet breton and galette bretonne – will also tempt your tastebuds thanks to the fine, crispy texture and the fabulous flavour of fresh, salted butter.