Fest Noz au Festival du CinémaFest Noz au Festival du Cinéma
©Fest Noz au Festival du Cinéma|Mortaza Behboudi
The Douarnenez Film Festival

Douarnenez Film Festival

Gouel Ar Filmou

A must-see date for Douarnenez, the last week of August is an opportunity for the city to put on the colours of a cultural minority that it is honouring.

A festival made by and for the lovers of the 7th art who decorticate and then exchange on various themes addressed during the distribution of the films.

In the evening, it is under the capitol of the centre-ville that the festival-goers meet. The opportunity to exchange again about the films of the day or simply to enjoy the moment around a glass under the notes of music played by the musicians.

Comedian, actor, photographer, manager, engineer, screenwriter, producer or simply spectator; a whole universe of audio-visual that makes it possible to conclude the summer as it should, in a warm and colourful way.

Beyond the programming of films, exhibitions and thematic debates, the Douarnenez Film Festival focuses on accessibility. Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing are included, as well as debates, workshops, coffee-meetings, etc.