Circuit de randonnée des Moulins - Poullan-sur-MerCircuit de randonnée des Moulins - Poullan-sur-Mer
©Circuit de randonnée des Moulins - Pouldergat|Yannick Derennes
The Circuit of the Mills

The Circuit of the Mills

Signposted paths help you to find streams and rivers, manors and stone cross monuments: follow the pathways through the countryside, along sunken paths and shady valleys. Lanriec Cross is one step that is part of The Sacred Trail. The Circuit of the Mills follows several streams and offers walkers an endlessly captivating experience.

Pouldergat Loop

This circuit is included in the official walking guide published by the French Federation for Walking and Hiking (the FFRP). It is a loop of 27km around the town of Pouldergat, passing through the countryside on sunken paths and shady valleys lined with streams that once powered numerous watermills. You’ll also see manor houses, large stone crosses and traditional open-air wash-houses. If you prefer, you can simply follow sections of this loop, which vary in length and difficulty.

Lanriec Cross

Lanriec Cross is one of several crosses that once guided local farmers, merchants and pilgrims, sanctifying the places where they walked. Now standing on a small, local road, this ancient monument once stood on the old Roman road connecting Douarnenez to Pont-Croix. The roads built in Roman times were still the main routes between villages and towns right up to  the Middle Ages. Specialists have noticed that many medieval crosses were placed along these main routes. In the 1800s, the road was only used by local residents. Restored in 1871, Lanriec Cross marked one of the stops along the trail of the procession that was followed by local parishioners towards Saint-Vendal Chapel, on official Pardon Days. At each cross, locals would wait for the procession to arrive, then they would join it and continue to the chapel.

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