Le Bois Du Névet Kerlaz (4)Le Bois Du Névet Kerlaz (4)
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Névet Woods

Névet Woods

Covering over 550 acres, the vast area of Névet Woods means you can choose different types of trails here, particularly as there are 4 different entrances: Kerlaz, Le Juch, Plogonnec and Locronan.
Prepare yourself for a great day out!

By foot (and for families)

The big, wide pathways in the north section of the woods are ideal for families, particularly youngsters on bikes, young walkers and pushchairs. The section to the south is steeper and more up-and-down. You can set off and explore narrow, winding pathways, exploring from one side of the wood to another, without ever seeing the same spot twice!

By bike

Mountain-bikers will be in heaven! Three mountain-bike trails cut through the woods, each of varying difficulty, presenting a challenge whatever your skill or fitness level.

By horse

Horse-riders are also welcome here, and are sure to love the large equestrian trail that leads around the entire wood.


Heritage fans can look out for traces of the woodland’s past life, notably the outlines of huts once used by coal traders, which can be seen in various places throughout the wood. Keep your eyes open for any circular area about 7 metres in diameter.

You’ll also find lakes and humid zones, as well as the very pretty Saint-Pierre Chapel (entering via Plogonnec). This sacred forest, once a Druid sanctuary, is above all a sensitive and protected natural environment, now owned by the local authorities, where you can observe several plant species and many breeds of animals.

There is also an accessible loop so that those of reduced mobility can explore for about 1km  enjoying the path through the thickets.



How to get here?

Entrance from Kerlaz


This route includes a circuit for those with reduced mobility.

Loop : 1km

Entrance from Kerlaz

Picnic area

Entrance from Kerlaz

  • Picnic tables
  • Bins




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