The Sardine Trail

This circuit tells you all about the town’s famous sardine history, which dates right back to Gallo-Roman times up to the most recent changes in Douarnenez port.

On the ground throughout the town, you’ll see a series of round, bronze markers pointing you towards 17 information panels illustrated by photos of the old town. The circuit starts at the lookout point in Les Plomarc’h, overlooking the bay and the port, and it winds it way through the town and to Rosmeur Port with its alleyways and colourful facades, leading further to Port Rhu and the seafront opposite the island of Île Tristan.

A fun trail to follow

Feel free to ask at the Tourist office for your Sardine Trail leaflet!
Difficulty rating: easy  Duration: 2 hours. Includes steps at certain points.
Total distance: 4.5 km

 The family booklet “Gravé dans la pierre” – ‘written in stone’ – will help you to discover Douarnenez as a family, having fun along the  way.
Find out all about Douarnenez through its narrow streets and port. Be aware of everything that is around you, open your eyes and the clues will show you the way!
Pick up your booklet from the Tourist Office.

Download booklet “Gravé dans la pierre” (fr)

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