Little pathways between the houses - village Les Plomarc'hLittle pathways between the houses - village Les Plomarc'h
©Little pathways between the houses - village Les Plomarc'h|Yannick Derennes
The natural site of Les Plomarc'h

The natural site of Les Plomarc’h

Perched on a cliffside overlooking Douarnenez, you’ll find the natural site of Les Plomarc’h

‘A vast garden near the town centre’

As you walk in, you’re surprised to find yourself in this area of greenery and trees, curiously hidden away given that it covers nearly 50 acres and sits above Rosmeur Port, just beyond the town. It includes a little hamlet of stone-built cottages typical of the 1700s, and these have been converted into stopover holiday accommodation, set within a farm park that is home to several Breton breeds. Childhood memories will resurface, along with the same childish wonder as you come face to face with Brittany’s rugged sheep from the moors or from Belle-Ile-en-Mer, black-and-white cows, large white pigs from the west, and the beautiful dappled cockerel known as Coucou de Rennes. Every springtime, when the baby animals are born, children of all ages are delighted – including those who are all grown up!

A beautiful walk

Little pathways lead between the houses through to a play area, an old-fashioned vegetable plot that showcases eco methods, and a herb garden where you can simply relax. You’ll also discover a number of open wash-houses reminding us of daily life for the villagers and locals in times gone by. The view over the bay and Rosmeur Port with its colourful houses is a delight to see, while the large, green spaces and low walls are perfect for perching, resting and contemplating the sea.

A site for families

  • In addition to the playground, there is a game booklet for kids which leads them to discover the nature in the Plomarc’h.


How to get here ?

Parking places:

  • Some parking places are available directly in the village of the Plomarc’h
  • Rue du carrefour, then walk down on the path

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility

The site and one of the houses of the hikers’ hostel is accessible for people with reduced mobility.


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