Green way Douarnenez – Quimper

This former railway line is ideal for walking, running, cycling and mountain-biking.

This former railway line has been renovated into a Green Way (‘voie verte’) route running from Tréboul in Douarnenez towards Quimper. It stops at a place called Ty Planch just outside the city.
Green Ways are only open to non-motorised users, so they are perfect for walking, running, cycling and mountain-biking, thanks to its relatively flat surface.

Beginning of the green way :

Route  de Pors an Eostic – Douarnenez

Promenade E. Paulet (near the playground)

End of the green way:

Hamlet Ty Planche, in the town of Guengat


Distance from Ty Planche to Quimper city center: around 6km

Public transportation option: line 23 (network QUB) from the end of the green way to Quimper city center




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