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Tristan island

Tristan Island

As you walk along the coastal path, you can’t help being drawn to this tree-topped island that sits on the water facing Douarnenez. The good news is that for 2 or 3 days a month when this secret island is open to visitors! When the tides are low enough, a path is revealed that beckons you to walk across the seabed and explore.

Visit without a guide

The moment you step foot on the island, you feel far away, transported by this unspoilt natural setting. You’ll find a garden hidden behind large walls, beautiful shaded walkways, ancient fortifications and exceptional panoramic views across the whole bay. You’ll be overwhelmed by a desire to simply sit and gaze at your surroundings… but all too soon, the tide begins to rise again and you need to get back to the mainland. You’ll come back, that’s for sure!

Guided visits

Tristan offers seventeen acres of unspoilt nature and history just waiting to be discovered. These guided visits take place when the tide falls low enough to reveal the walkway, or you head off on a boat to learn about the mysteries of this site that is protected by the French coastal protection authority. What lies beyond those buildings? Legend tells of buried treasure yet to be unearthed, of the lovers Tristan and Isolde plus a chequered past of intriguing artists and the surprising natural wonders of this far-flung spot. Book your place and head off with your guide to take temporary possession of the island and its history. You’re sure to be surprised!

Practical information

  • The island can only be accessed at certain times and tides
  • Dogs are not allowed on Île Tristan
  • It’s possible to enjoy a picnic on the quayside, during ‘Portes ouvertes’ open days

Rates 2022

6 €4€
No charge for children up to 9 years old

Where can I get tickets?

  • On the website
  • At the Tourist Office (1 rue docteur Mével, Douarnenez)
  • Directly on site (exact money, please)

Accepted payment methods: cash or credit card (online/Tourist Office)

Free access during the ‘Portes Ouvertes’ open days

  • The walkway is only accessible on specific dates at very low tide
  • Boat trips to the island (dates to follow)
  • Visits by prior booking

For more information, please contact the Tourist Office on: 00+33 (0)2 98 92 13 35

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