e gallery grave of Lesconile gallery grave of Lesconil
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The Gallery Grave of Lesconil

The Gallery Grave of Lesconil

Thread your way through the country lanes between Poullan-sur-Mer and Tréboul, and you’ll come across an impressive megalithic monument in a tiny spot called Lesconil.

There are many megalithic monuments in the countryside around Douarnenez, but this Gallery Grave is said to date from around 4500 BC. It is locally known as ‘Ti ar C’horriged’, which translates as ‘home of the pixies’, and its self-supporting structure is quite rare in this region. It would have been used as a collective grave where bodies were placed and perhaps even piled up. This structure was almost certainly topped by a piece of stone or tump of earth, as were the majority of these structures.

There is a small car park where you can leave your vehicle, then you simply follow the little path to the woodland.

Quick advice !

Be careful – you might see a ‘korrigan’ – a local pixie! These little people have magic powers and can play tricks on anyone who is impolite or naughty.

Make sure you’re on your best behaviour – you wouldn’t want to go back home with a pig’s tail…!

Stop off on The Sacred Trail

The megalith is one of the stops of The Sacred Trail. This route brings together various heritage elements, particularly churches and chapels.

There are information panels to help you understand the history and architecture of each place.

You will need to use a car to follow this trail.



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