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Douarnenez, town of artists

Douarnenez is a town that has inspired poets, painters, photographers, and even potters and ceramic artists. With the bay as a backdrop, Douarnenez certainly makes an impression – as does its history.


Douarnenez and its surrounding areas have attracted artists since the 1800s, creative people who are drawn by the landscapes, the light and the colours. Many famous names have stayed or even lived here, including Sérusier, Boudin, Renoir, Maufra, Picabia and the great Picasso. The artistic culture of Douarnenez Bay continues to flourish and you can visit exhibitions throughout the area and throughout the year to enjoy the work of local artists.

There is always an exhibition happening somewhere in Douarnenez Bay – simply ask us for details.


Arts and crafts

Browse, try, buy unique local work that you cannot find anywhere else. Whether you are simply curious, an admirer or a true connoisseur of art, you can ask for a complete list of arts, crafts, workshops and galleries at any time of year, either from the Tourist Office or from

For an out-of-the-ordinary experience, go to one of the two collective private viewings (vernissages collectifs) where in just one evening you can discover the work of several different local artists.


MAD in DZ 

This group’s initials stand for Métiers d’art, the artistic professions. It was created because several artists and craftspeople wanted to bring together the creative arts and support cultural life in the area, based on fundamental principles of openness and collective working. The group is open to artists and artisans, mostly from Douarnenez and nearby, but also includes members from further afield in Cornouaille.

Events that focus on creativity and creative professions, that provoke interaction and meetings between artists and the public all help to develop the image of Douarnenez as a town for artists and artisans.