Eglise Saint-Herlé, quartier de PloaréEglise Saint-Herlé, quartier de Ploaré
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Saint-Herlé Church in Ploaré

Saint-Herlé Church

This monument has been classified in 1910. Ploaré is the seat of an ancient parish which included the Juch and Gourlizon. The construction of the present building began around 1548 and an inscription which was readable a long time ago at the base of the tower.

At the end of the 16th century, because of the wars of the League, the works seem almost stopped at the base of the pyramid. The construction of the spire then restarts during the 17th century which gives it its aspect.
The situation is still complicated because of the restorations drive by the lightning strike several times.

The examination of the construction enables to see a number of more or less successful connections showing the changes of the projects gradually and when the progress of the works.

Stained-glass windows and acoustic resonators

Two of the stained-glass panels show the missionary Michel Le Nobletz (1577-1652) arriving in and later leaving Douarnenez. On Rosmeur Port, the sailors are weeping for the priest, although these are anachronistically shown next to a boat from the 1800s.

There are 103 holes in the nave and choir of this church, which make it rather original. These holes are in fact acoustic resonators, which boost the sound of the preacher or choir thanks to a ceramic tube inserted in the holes to create what were known as ‘echo pots’.


There are many statues of saints connected to rural worship and farming. In particular there is a Trinity Pieta, which would usually show Christ in the arms of Mary, but here is shown in the arms of God the Father. The Holy Spirit is represented by the dove within this composition.

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