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Saint-Cadoan Church, Poullan-sur-Mer

Saint-Cadoan Church

The church in Poullan-sur-Mer was once at the heart of a huge parish that stretched as far as Tréboul, and its construction dates from the 1400s through to the 1600s.

The south porch, with its decorative sculptures, is one of the oldest parts of the church; the nave bears the date 1628, while the choir is an addition from 1740. Certain columns and arches are reminiscent of elements from Kérinec Chapel. Saint Cadoan lived in the 5th century AD and was a disciple of Saint Guénolé. This church is listed as an Historic Monument.

Outside, you can see a large stone cross monument, whose base is decorated with the Veil of Veronica.

t the back of the nave, you can see the bier or catafalque draped in black, which would once have been drawn by horses to transport coffins. It is unusual that these objects, abandoned back in the 1950s, would still be preserved here in the church.

The capitals in the nave are decorated with plant and vegetation motifs, as well as grimacing or moustached faces. There are also several banners.

On the western façade as on the other side, there are boats drawn into the stone, reminding us that Tréboul’s sailors used to worship here.

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