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Saint-Germain church in Kerlaz

Saint-Germain church

Dating from 16th century, the church is consecrated to saint Germain and was built in Latin cross-shaped.
During the 17th century, the western gable was completely rebuilt (1620, 1630, and 1635) by adopting the new style: a triangular frontage.

In the graveyard, stands a calvary with a stone cross from Kersanton where the date 1645 has been written on the base which represents the restoration year. The triumphal arch built in 1558 enables to go inside the graveyard.

The stained-glass windows

These stained-glass windows were made in Paris by the Léglise workshops in 1917. One represents King Gradlon fleeing the legendary city of Ys, said to be submerged at the bottom of Douarnenez Bay. On his horse, the King – dressed in blue – is shown with Saint Guénolé (complete with halo), while the King’s daughter, Dahut, is abandoned to the floods.

On other windows, you can see the Jesuit missionary Père Julien Maunoir (1606-1683) preaching before the stone cross monument in Kerlaz with his followers shown in traditional dress. A collection of 3 glass panels represents the persecution of the clergy during the French Revolution.

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