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Saint-Joseph Church in Tréboul

Saint-Joseph Church

Built from 1881 to 1883 in terms of JM Abgrall, it was consecrated October 19, 1884 and was inspired from the roman style.
The church formerly contained a typical decoration of a trompe-l’oeil style of the late nineteenth century.
The paintings disappeared around 1966, date of the reordering of the choir.

The original program which had to represent the apostles has been incompleted and only nine of them have been represented complemented by an evocation of the life of Michel Nobletz.

Votive offerings

An ex-voto (or votive offering) is an offering made to God, to the Virgin Mary or to a Saint, either in prayer or in thanks for a blessing. These offerings can come in different forms: a model boat, a painting, a statue or an engraved plaque, for example.

The stained-glass windows of this church were created by several workshops  (Megnen, Florence, Fenep) throughout the 1800s and 1900s. You can see the Virgin Mary appearing to the missionary Michel Le Nobletz (1577-1652) in Lourdes, in la Salette or in Pontmain, but you can also see three saints represented full-length with a carved tablet to identify them, as well as nine apostles, suggesting an incomplete work.

In the first bay of the nave, one of the stained-glass windows features a coastal landscape with boats and fallen trees from the great storm of October 1987* created by the workshop of J-P Le Bihan.

*During this hurricane, there were gusts of wind recorded at the Pointe du Raz of up to 216km per hour (134 miles per hour).

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