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DiscoverBrest and its surroundings

Brest and its surroundings

Nourished by its maritime vocation, the city of Ponant has forged a singular character where urban mutations and artistic currents intermingle. Brest is a multifaceted jewel, this city full of surprise and contrasts which affirms its future through its heritage and its cultural effervescence.

Town of Art and History

This is a town of space and wide horizons, open to the wind and the seaspray. It’s a town that is in constant communication with the sea, so that the urban and coastal sides of the town seem to blend together. The Town Hall draws the eye to la Penfeld. The central streets of Jean Jaurès and Siam lead you to the waters known as the Rade de Brest. Tanguy Tower houses the museum of Old Brest, while the Château is home to the National Navy Museum. The Explorers’ Garden introduces you to rare and exotic plants, while Cours Dajot offers a long promenade area lined with trees and dotted with benches that tempt you to linger.

The sea

The ports of Brest offer wonderful contrasts, setting the industrial cranes and work sites against the immense seascapes. These are places of constant movement, always tipping from times of waiting to times of activity: fishermen coming and going, restaurateurs, sailors, boatmen, walkers, all renewing their connection to the sea, day after day.

The Rade de Brest, is a huge stretch of water covering 180 km² that is completely enclosed, a perfect playground for watersports. You can board a traditional tallship or try your hand at windsurfing, catamarans or other dinghies and sailboats.