Vue aérienne de l'île de SeinVue aérienne de l'île de Sein
©Vue aérienne de l'île de Sein|Nicolas Job

Set sail for the islands!

Would you like to get away from it all?

Set sail for the islands off the coast of Douarnenez and discover islands like you’ve never seen before!

L’île de Sein

Set upon the waters off the Pointe du Raz, this tiny island has fewer than 250 permanent residents and constantly defies the elements, sitting barely a metre above sea level. The smallest of the Ponant islands, it is just 2.5km long and 800 metres wide.

To visit on the island:

  • Goulenez Lighthouse,
  • the coastguard museums,
  • Saint-Corentin Chapel,
  • and of course, the landscapes!


The Glénan Archipelago, to the south

The Glénan Archipelago consists of seven tiny islands surrounded by tropical turquoise waters. Off the shores of Fouesnant, this is a perfect spot for watersports and swimming, highly recommended in these lagoon-like waters!

Ouessant and the Molène Archipelago

Ouessant is the westernmost island and the most wild, the most battered by the elements. On this island you’ll find an Ecomuseum about life on Ouessant, as well as the Museum of Lighthouses and Beacons, at the foot of the Créac’h Lighthouse. Visitors are welcome at the lighthouse Du Stiff, where you can enjoy an exceptional view over the Iroise Sea and the rest of the island.

Located to the north of the Iroise Marine Park, the little islands of the Molène Archipelago are part of the Iroise natural reserve. This area has countless hidden treasures and can boast a remarkable environmental wealth and a highly diverse heritage.


Where can I buy tickets to get to the islands?

  • You can buy tickets the Tourist Office for boat trips to the Île de Sein, Ponant Islands
    or the Glénan Archipelago.