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Le site naturel municipal des Plomarc'h

Historical sites and monuments, Archeological site in Douarnenez
  • Free access and available by walking through the coastal trail of Plomarc’h. The archeological site of Douarnenez is one of the most famous industrial Gallo-Roman sites of the Northern Europe.
    Romans used to make “garum” which was a fish condiment.

  • The everyday free access site is 16000 square meters long in waterfront and gives a beautiful panoramic view on the Bay of Douarnenez and the Rosmeur port. It is situated closed to the downtown and is exceptional thanks to its patrimonial, natural and architectural wealth. The deep creeks, the farm, the barnyard, the fishermen village, the Gallo-Roman site ... make a beautiful and peaceful place for walking and leisure appreciated with Douarnenez’s inhabitants, visitors, young and old people.
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