The Penn Sardin Box: the ultimate gift

Are you looking for a gift idea that is sure to be a success? How about the Penn Sardin Box? Offering accommodation, leisure and restaurants, it’s an ideal choice!

What is it, exactly?

These are 3 tins that are rather unusual, as they certainly don’t contain sardines! Instead, they contain a night in a 3-star hotel, or a gift-card for a restaurant, or maybe a boat trip.


A wonderful surprise to great wonderful memories!

  • 100% local
  • A choice of over 100 offers
  • A variety of options
  • A truly original gift idea

Les Box cadeaux

Penn Sardin Box Box Escapades Marines


Choose what you prefer:

  • One night in a 3-star hotel
  • One night plus dinner in a 2-star hotel



Price : 119€

Penn Sardin Box Box Escale Iodée


Choose what you prefer:

  • One night in a 2-star hotel
  • One night in a Bed & Breakfast
  • Between one and six nights in a stopover gîte


Price : 79€

Penn Sardin Box Box Gourmandises Et Aventures


Choose what you prefer:

  • A meal in a restaurant or crêperie
  • A leisure activity
  • A gift card to spend in one of the local shops or boutiques!


Price : 65€

How does it work ?

It’s really simple!

1 – Buy your selected Penn Sardin Box at the Tourist Office in Douarnenez or by post or online from our website

2 – Present the gift to the lucky recipient (or keep it to treat yourself!)

3 – Next, you need to open the box, as you would open a tin of sardines. Inside, you’ll find your gift booklet(s) and a gift voucher.

4 – Choose one of the options shown in the booklet(s)

5 – You can book directly with the establishment or supplier, using your Box number

6 – Enjoy your chosen activity

7 – Hand the (completed) voucher to the establishment or supplier

8 – You can extend your enjoyment in Douarnenez thanks to two tickets to the Port-Musée that you can cut out from your booklet


Where do I get one ?

You can buy a Penn Sardin Box at the Tourist Office in Douarnenez or we can post one to you. For all orders, please post the following to us:

  • a cheque for the correct amount, which is the price of your chosen Box + 6.10€ for delivery in France (please ask for other countries)
  • on a sheet of paper, please write the name of the box or boxes you have selected, plus the postal address where you would like to send the Box. As soon as your order and cheque are received, we will send out your Box.


Feel free to contact us for any questions: or 00+33 (0)2 98 92 13 35
For each Penn Sardin Box, please check the relevant terms and conditions.