Penn SardinPenn Sardin
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Become a Penn Sardin

What exactly is a Penn Sardin?
This is the nickname given to the women who worked in the fish-canning factories of Douarnenez, and it literally translates as ‘sardine head’!

If you really want to integrate into Douarnenez, you need to follow certain rules…

  • Appreciate the ‘village’ feel of the town
  • Love the sea
  • Build up strong calf muscles so you can climb the steep coastline
  • Learn to protest and then discuss
  • Do a pilgrimage for lent, at least once in your lifetime, but ideally every year
  • Learn to build your own cardboard boat so you can then build a real one from wood at the local shipyard Ateliers de l’Enfer
  • Do justice to every meal
  • Spread the word about Kouign Amann wherever possible
  • Learn to play a musical instrument so you can join in fanfares!
  • Learn a few Douarnenez expressions, which often blend French with Breton, and with a particular tone and accent that makes it immediately recognisable even in a very crowded street or in the throes of a festival.

    If you get all that, you’re good to go! 


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