View of Rosmeur with Telenn Mor boatView of Rosmeur with Telenn Mor boat
©View of Rosmeur with Telenn Mor boat|Donatienne GUILLAUDEAU - CRT
Rosmeur PortDouarnenez’s old quarters

Rosmeur Port

Port has always lived in harmony with the tides and fishing: in days gone by, the old port of Rosmeur was home to a flotilla of sardine fishing boats. Nowadays, yachts and pleasure boats are moored on the old port, while modern fishing boats are on the new port in front of the sailors’ shelter, ‘l’abri du marin’

This port is a pedestrian area, and the absence of cars makes it an ideal place for strolling, popular with tourists and locals alike. It’s a perfect spot to pause for a drink or enjoy a meal on a sunny deck of a café overlooking the picture-postcard landscape. The view over the beaches and cliffs at the far end of the bay is extraordinary. The atmosphere changes with the sea-level: at high tide, the fishermen and pleasure-boaters create an animated scene, heading out on dinghies and tenders to reach their boats moored up on the water; at low tide, fishermen stroll onto the sand digging up worms ready to use as bait for their next outing.

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Rosmeur Port was built during the Golden Age of the Sardine, in the second half of the 1800s. At the time, there were nearly 400 sardine-fishing boats here. The narrow streets lined with tall, colourful homes once housed the families of these fishermen, and they form a maze-like network behind the quayside.


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