Telenn Mor in Douarnenez BayTelenn Mor in Douarnenez Bay
©Telenn Mor in Douarnenez Bay|OT Pays de Douarnenez

The Telenn Mor

Telenn Mor

The Telenn Mor is a reconstruction of a 19th-century sardine-fishing boat, and is something of an ambassador for the town. Standing as an emblem of the sardine heydey, the silhouette of the Telenn Mor is an integral part of the landscape of Douarnenez Bay.

Le Telenn MorBateau traditionnel de Douarnenez, la chaloupe sardinière
©Le Telenn Mor

A traditional boat

An icon of douarnenez bay


Here in Douarnenez, the humble sardine is Queen. The traditional boat for fishing sardines is the chaloupe and the Telenn Mor is literally the flagship for Douarnenez sardine-fishing boats.

A symbol of our local maritime heritage, this traditional working boat enables us to continue the know-how of sailors long since gone, by continuing to sail her and learn the techniques. A very stable vessel, the shape of the sardine boat evolved over many centuries.

Effectively, fishermen needed to be able to catch the wind very quickly in order to catch the shoals of fish and return home rapidly so that they could be the first to sell the day’s catch.


→ Set sail on the Telenn Mor in summer


The watersports centre organises daily outings on the Telenn Mor in July and August. At 9.5 metres long, the boat can carry a crew of 12, and its only motors are the sails and a few oars in case the wind drops.

Sailing on the Telenn Mor is certainly the most beautiful way to explore the bay, with all the charm of a traditional wooden boat and the joys of sailing with no motors.


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L’association Treizour –friends of the port-musée

The role of the Association Treizour is to protect and showcase the maritime heritage of Douarnenez, as well as to support the management and the various initiatives of the Port Musée. The Association also offers boat trips on three traditional boats with real heritage interest: the sardine ‘chaloupe’, the ‘yole’ (like a skiff) and a ‘canot’ (small rowing boat). Weather permitting, these trips are available on Saturdays and Sundays all year round.